Taisa Polishchuk Testimonials

"Taisa was the perfect dance instructor to help my fiance and I prepare for our first dance at our wedding. She was able to put us at ease while giving excellent advice about timing and moves. She even gave us advice on how arm placement could obstruct the photographer's view! I highly recommend Taisa to anyone looking to brush up on their skills or learn something new before their wedding. She has a kind demeanor and works with the couple to find a dance and style that works for them". - Julie G


"My spouse and I were looking into taking dance lessons for the first time. We decided to give it a go, shortly after learning about Taisa and The Ballroom Club. Not knowing what we were getting ourselves into and as nerve wracking as it may sound, we attended her group class where we quickly learned some basic Cha Cha moves. We immediately felt welcomed and will never forget the feeling of excitement, energy and accomplishment upon completion of our first class. We couldn't wait to attend our next session and have been consistently going and learning more dance moves ever since. Her classes are fun, well-structured and seem like a perfect fit both for the first-timers and those who would like to brush up on their skills. We also took a one-on-one session with Taisa and found it to be very beneficial because it helped us to solidify our moves and improve overall technique. If you are looking for private dance lessons or ballroom dance classes, look no further and give Taisa a go because you will definitely enjoy it".  - Alexei K


"I first met Taisa about three years ago, and I was taken aback by her talent. She moves with grace, passion, and strength. She is an excellent and inspiring dance coach and teacher. Taisa cares about her students, and her group classes are a nice balance of challenge and fun. When you are ready to up your game, her private lessons will help you improve the finer and more technical aspects of your dancing. Taisa is a lovely young woman, and I strongly recommend her as a teacher and coach".  - Mel G


"Taisa is an energetic, fun instructor. She makes sure everyone is having fun and no one feels uncomfortable. She makes me feel like a confident dancer, even though I am very much a beginner! She is literally hands on and will even partner with you to make sure you are catching on! Highly recommend her classes". - Jaime C


"Taisa is great teacher, great atmosphere! Fun, engaging, just a great vibe overall. Would recommend her and her classes to everyone! Ps. I had no dancing experience and it is for everyone". - Tanja M


"Taisa’s classes are great, but don’t over look the private coaching she offers! My lessons with her focus on styling – the arm positioning and movement that make dances come alive. Taisa’s been dancing competitively since she was seven, and it shows. Those small gestures that are second nature to her can be learned! Want to stand out on the dance floor? Taisa and the team at The Ballroom Club can make that happen!" - Lynn C

"What a beautiful studio! Great atmosphere!Amazing dance instructors! They are kind, patient and encouraging! You will feel like part of the dance family from the first class!!! Highly recommended! The adult beginners classes with Taisa are the best!" - Anna T

The Ballroom Club reviews

The Ballroom Club reviews

Gabor Seres Testimonials

 "I am training with Gabor for longer than 5 years and loving every minute of it! For me, learning to dance with him is a successful combination of exact knowledge of movements, practicing together as a team, surpassing the difficulties with laughter and sense of humor, to finally reaching the exhilarating and fulfilling joy of looking and moving beautifully on the wings of the music, as only in my dreams I could imagine! It is a great experience to have Gabor my ballroom dancing instructor and I am recommending him to anyone who loves to dance!”

- Diana P. -

"Gabor is an amazing teacher.  A professional competitor himself, he offers his students the perfect balance of his own impeccable training with the sheer joy of ballroom dance.  His knowledge base is deep and refined.  On lessons and at competitions, Gabor is warm, engaged and full of good humor.  He draws the very best from his dancers, supporting and inspiring them through each and every learning curve.  I feel incredibly lucky to be dancing with him!”

- Natasha C. -

“I’ve been working with Gabor in the past 9 years and i’ve found him to be a competent and able teacher. He’s kept up-to-date in his skills, style and technique through coaching with the top professionals both in the US and in the world. Gabor as a teacher is patient, respectful, joyful and a lot of fun to work with.”

- Shelia C. -

"Gabor Seres is a beautiful dancer and his musicality is a joy. He is also an excellent ballroom dance instructor, and oh-so kind! I am a very slow learner; yet he will kindly and patiently repeat a concept or a movement over and over again for me without exhibiting any impatience or frustration. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to have Gabor as my coach."

 - Anne L. -

"I have known of Gabor and his accomplishments as a dancer and teacher for many years. When I was growing frustrated with Ballroom Dancing, a friend who is an accomplished dancer recommended that I try lessons with Gabor. I found him not to be only a gifted dancer, but also a very kind and supportive person. Gabor makes lessons challenging, and he doesn’t let me get away with excuses. Through it all, he stays positive and makes me laugh. A good teacher can balance challenge and fun. An excellent teacher gives you the tools and helps you believe you can accomplish your goals. Gabor does that for me, and I highly recommend him as a Ballroom Instructor.”

- Mary Ellen G. -

Ballroom Club Reviews

Ballroom Club Reviews